Back from my 2007 Bike Tour

This year’s bike camping trip was probably the best one that I’ve ever been on. John Speare, Larry Leveen, and I spent 5 days riding around the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Most of that time we were far from civilization. The roads were empty, remote, scenic, and challenging.

I’m working on a full trip report and it’ll show up here soon. In the meantime I can give you some teaser photos that were taken by John and I.


  1. Korey Pelton says:

    Wow, awesome photos. Makes me want to try cycle camping again, and that’’s saying a lot ;-p

  2. beth h says:

    WOW. Looks like you had a little epic ride there. I especially like that shot of the mountain with a touch of alpenglow on it. Thanks for sharing and we”ll see you next week.
    Cheers! –B