Bruised by Bike Report

The Seattle Rollo gang put on a mini bike polo tournament last weekend called Bruised by Bike. I was there for most of the bike-related events, but missed the huge party on Saturday night.

Friday night J-Ryde lead a mystery ride on mini bikes to one of the abandoned 520 on-ramps and then we bombed down some parking lots at UW. I don’t think I’d ridden 5 miles on a mini before.

Saturday there was a mini-cross race and then a full day of polo. 9 teams played polo. I played on “Baby Seal Club” which was half from Seattle and half from Portland. We lost our first tournament game but there were pickup games to occupy the time.

Sunday we met up again for breakfast and jumped mini bikes into Greenlake. Mark says that they even found a minibike in Greenlake after I left.

More photos…


  1. Lee says:

    i wonder if the minibike they found in the lake is the one that we put in there, after it broke somebody’’s leg on the greenlake race when built as a recumbent, and then jake himself built it as a bmx bike and wrecked with it on his next race.

    we actually lit it on fire and then hucked it in there.

  2. ouij says:

    so are those freewheel/coaster brake mini bikes, or have you made ”em fixed gears yet?

  3. AlexWetmore says:

    They are freewheel/coaster brakes. I haven”t seen anyone place on fixed gears.

    Lee — I”ll ask Jake if it is the same bike at Rollo tomorrow.