A late spring ride in the middle of February

There aren’t many days in the middle of Seattle’s winter when it is sunny and approaching 60. We’ve had 4 of them in a row, starting with my birthday on Feb 18th. I’ve been doing my best to make use of all of them.

Today Andre, Rory, Jimmy, and I set out for a ride from the Southworth Ferry Terminal. Andre picked the route and thought it might have a mix of low traffic paved roads, dirt, and maybe some areas to explore for future camping trips. We found all of that and a few state parks that had never heard of (and which don’t show up in the list of state parks), some hike-a-bike, and a very nice beach where we had our lunch. I can’t really imagine a better ride for this time of year. Andre’s route even got us back to the ferry terminal just as the sun was starting to set.

Click on the photo for a slideshow or jump straight to the gallery:

Andre’s map of the route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3493123


  1. Jimmy Livengood says:

    That ride had everything! Dirt, new fast blacktop, ferry ride, chasm crossing hike-a-bike, granny-gear standing climbs, 50mph descents, stream crossing, iced over puddles, slow-motion endo (me), singletrack, lunch on a beach!

    Also, zero mechanicals. Some odd noises here and there that need investigating, but nothing that made us stop and perform a fix.

    I nominate this as a recurring mixed-terrain ride.

  2. ron cameron says:

    skookum RIDE!!!!