Gifford Pinchot memories

The last blog entry was a trip report — what we did and how to do it yourself. Good stuff, but what really sticks with me are the memories:

  • The last four miles to any campsite (usually uphill and muggy).
  • The daisy that got stuck in my fender and rode along with us for about 20 miles on day two.
  • The butterflies that liked to hang out over my handlebar bag when I climbed NF-42.
  • The interesting lava formations in Curly Creek.
  • Spending more time thinking about crossing the washout on NF-23 than actually crossing the washout.
  • Losing my camera on the un-named trail from Council Creek to NF-90 and riding back solo and unloaded to find it.
  • The lush forests along NF-90 and actually slowing down on a descent so that I could enjoy the scenery. I don’t give up my earned descending time very easily!
  • Debating with Larry and John about the color of the handlebar tape of a Bridgestone XO-2 that passed us (it was on the roof of a car). No tape? Black? White?
  • Confusing the driver of a random blue Honda when I asked him if he had a bike on the roof when he passed us a few hours ago, then riding off when he said “no”.
  • Watching the clouds part and the sunrise over Mt Adams.
  • Peaking through the trees while climbing NF-42 and hoping to see a glimpse of Mt St Helens to show John.
  • John wondering if he’d actually see Mt St Helens on our ride even though we were always close to it.
  • Debating if NF-90 was the best touring road ever. Then finding even better ones.
  • Racing down NF-65 on a bike scaled road. Ducking into John’s draft and then shooting past him when we got to a long straight section.
  • The “Cars not recommended” sign on one of the best paved sections of road that we found, after miles of dirt.
  • Meeting PCT hiker Sarah on the PCT and talking to her about her trip and camping. She made all of her own gear! (tent, sleeping bag, backpack, everything).

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