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Rack Tabs are here

Jeff Lyon brought up the idea of making these a few months back, and now I’ve gone and done it. They are “mass produced” tabs for racks where the rack attaches to the bicycle frame. Everyone makes these one at a time and it is time consuming to make ones that look good.

They started with some basic sketching in CAD software that produced this:

I sent that off to Vashon Image Works and made a few tweaks here and there and then they turned into real pieces of metal.

I had 160 made in size small (designed for M5 bolts), 64 in size large (designed for M6 bolts, but with an M5 sized hole). Many already have homes to go to, but I have extras (mostly in M5) for sale. Both are made of 4130, the M6 ones are .125″ thick, the M5 ones are .100″ thick. If you are interested send me an email. The tabs are .400 wide to work well for 3/8″ tubing, but can easily be filed down to work with 5/16″ or 1/4″ tubing.