Still building

I’ve been traveling a lot this fall and winter, but I now have a couple of months at home.  I’m back to work on the Ivy-T, building the fork.  A full photo essay of the fork build is coming, but here is a teaser shot of the fork’s dropout in an almost finished state.

Homemade dropout, using Keith Anderson TOTO insert


  1. rory says:

    whoa, thats a whole lot of filing. it looks like you brazed a full tab in there, then filed it down to make the dart. also, it has the scallop(what i call it), where there is an opening between the dropout and the blade. essentially, this is my favorite look for a dropout.


  2. Alex Wetmore says:

    You got it Rory, although my scallop is filled. I tried to be careful to leave a clean edge though.

    The filing for that dart was more time intensive than I expected, but I like the look.