Oregon Manifest

This weekend was the Oregon Manifest. I didn’t go to all of the activities, but I was able to go to the bicycle show for a few hours on Saturday. It primarily featured builders from Portland, but there was representation from other parts of the Northwest too.

All photos are here.

Here are some of my favorites.

Winter Bicycles is Eric Estlund out of Eugene, OR. He is building some really nice practical bikes with smart designs and good asthetics. His technique is fun too, he is fillet brazing the bikes and then carving out the head tubes, doing a sort of lugged/fillet/bilaminate style (he called it “Flug”). Eric brazes for Bike Friday too and does a really nice job with the torch.

Mitch Pryor (aka m.a.p. Cycles) is building very nice bikes too. On this most recent project he worked with Lemolo Bags (custom bags made in Portland). The handlebar bag was really nice, and I hope that Lemolo makes a run of them.

TCB Racks is building Porteur racks which are adaptable to most frames. They are bolted together instead of brazed which makes it easier to adjust them to fit your bike. Prices start at $150.

I liked the U-lock holder on this Porteur rack from Ahearne:

This urban bike from Signal had some interesting fender mounting hardware:

Off to get breakfast now, so no more time for updates. The show was fun, and I look forward to next year’s.


  1. Rory says:

    not that i build much, but i found this picture interesting:

    the tube block has hinges on it. seems like a convenient way to keep track of your tube blocks.

  2. beth h says:

    Fantastic photos of a show that, sadly I missed (outta town). The blue bike from MAP belongs to my friend Ian and is GORGEOUS in person! Mitch Pryor makes beautiful bicycles and if money and space were no object I”d be on his waiting list by now. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Justin Miller says:

    Alex, thank you for the report and the pictures. There are so many people doing interesting things with bicycles in the northwest US. It seems like a special time and place for bicycle development.