What shows up on a Cargo Bike Ride?

I’ve blogged about many of the Seattle Cargo Bike Rides. They happen on holidays and usually involve 20-30 people loading up their bikes with BBQ equipment, food, and beverages and heading out to a park for an enjoyable afternoon. They happen rain or shine, winter or summer. Yesterday was the Second Annual Memorial Day Jamboree, organized by Ro.

When this ride started it was almost all XtraCycles. Last year as a joke I brought a second bike with me (in a trailer) to have an “extra cycle” since I didn’t have an XtraCycle. In the last year the ride has diversified. There are more normal bikes and more varied cargo bikes. Here are some of the things that were on the ride.

Porteur/basket bikes:

Dan Boxer's XO-1 Porteur, using an apple box on a Nitto rack

Matt Newlin's Porteur

My bike with the rack that I built and a Pass and Stow/Freight bag.  You've seen it before

Haulin' Colin's Crate Bike.  I love this one and the crate setup is really rigid

Lee's basket on a handlebar bag rack LHT

Ro's porteur rack plus basket plus trailer Kogswell P/R

Ro’s photo is a nice transition into the trailered bikes:

Dave Shapiro and his Haulin' Colin Trailer

Joe's Haulin' Colin trailer complete with sound system.  This is Colin's most recent trailer.

Lightfoot Trailer, attached to a Lightfoot Trike

Then you get into the big cargo bikes:

Daniel's David Wilson front loader

A nicely appointed Surly Big Dummy

Val and the Dreadnought

Aaron Goss's unique stokemonkey equipped Bakfiets

Big Dummy with Bicycle Blender

Rounding out the collection there are a variety of “more normal” bikes and some fun bikes such as this really pretty tallbike:

EvilMike's Novara Randonee

I’m looking forward to the next one on July 4th. The people make the ride and the Cargo Bike rides always have a great group of folks show up.

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  1. Nova says:

    I totally just used this as propaganda to show my housemate who is considering giving up his car! :)

    Wish I”d been less exhausted from bike-camping and Slow Sundaying, the pictures you take are so lovely!