Great Rack Building Sequence from Alistair Spence

Alistair just finished up this large porteur rack for his tandem and posted an extensive series of photos documenting the process. He also annotated many of them, giving a lot of hints along the way. It’s recommended viewing if you are interested in rack building.

Some folks have been asking me in comments about tricks for making miters that aren’t 90 degrees. Alistair covers this well starting at this photo.

Another flickr gallery that I’ve been enjoying comes from Mike Flanigan of ANT Bike. He has a lot of shots showing his homemade fixtures.I’ve been interested in making fixtures of my own and there is a lot to learn from these photos.


  1. Bujiatang says:

    Are those mounts for lights under the deck?

    those welds are beautiful.

  2. jimmy livengood says:

    Nice! Inspiration to build something..anything. Can”t wait to get home and start fiddling/puttering/tinkering in the basement -and I don”t even have a specific project in mind!