Frame and Fork Alignment Gauges

A couple of years ago I made a popular frame and fork alignment gauge that was being sold through my blog (we sometimes call it the “Christmas Tree”). I still am frequently asked if I have any for sale.

Hahn Rossman (with my help) developed a new version of the gauge which is he is now making and selling through Compass Bicycles. You can find information on them, along with rack tabs, here:

The new ones have some nice improvements:

  • They are a made of steel (vs 6061 aluminum) and will be more durable to shop wear.
  • They are also a little more compact (made from 3″ wide stock instead of 4″ wide stock).
  • The width numbers are printed on both sides, and there is a centerline scribed on the mounting tab.

I’m really excited to see these back in production and easily available.

One Comment

  1. Bryan Willman says:

    I *thought* those mounting tabs looked very famaliar!