Summer Camping…finally!

It’s been a pretty cold and wet spring in Seattle this year.  In most years I’ve already spent a week’s worth of nights outside by this time, but this year I’ve barely done any camping.  That is changing now.

On Friday I made a quick getaway (by car) to a nearby National Forest and did some semi-wilderness camping with a few good friends.  This is one of my favorite spots and I hope to be out there again a few more times before the year is done.  It’s really nice having a camping trip that can kick off at the end of work Friday and still be back home by the morning on Saturday.

On Thursday I’m heading east for 4 days of camping and riding with John Speare, hanging out by another great river.  The weekend after that I’m heading for an overnight kayak trip to Blake Island.  Finally, summer feels like it is here.

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